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Thomas Rutter, one of Pennsylvania's first ironmasters, started as a blacksmith, opened a bloomery forge and then built a charcoal furnace and refinery forge. David R. Porter, Governor of Pennsylvania, 1839-1845. Iron plantations required workers with …Web

Iron Industries in Reading, Pennsylvania

The Oley Street Rolling Mills were built in 1896 and the Ninth Street Rolling Mill (formerly the P. & R. Rail Mill) was added in 1896, and remodeled in 1899 and 1902. The Montour Rolling Mills at Danville (Built in 1845, and where, in October of that year. the first T rails in America were rolled) were acquired in 1895, and rebuilt in 1901.Web

The McDonald Mill : Anvilfire Plans Review

This is about half the video. It goes on to show the rolling of piece of 22mm round spring steel bar in 8 passes and one heat to 5mm thick and still the original width. Then Hugh demonstrates how to roll a taper and shows off his original mild steel rollers. Yes, MILD steel rollers work fine. Streaming Rolling Mill Video on AnvilCAM-IIWeb

The ABCs of Centre County

In the 1890s a store and post office were opened in the mill house, and three blacksmiths, a shoemaker, a tannery, and a schoolhouse became part of this busy community. ... returned to the site of his explorations in the early 1770s and built a home near here. In 1777, when Indian raids in the area became more frequent, he erected a …Web

The McDonald Mill Part II : Examples and Rolling Steel

"I figured an Australian Blacksmith should be able to make a Kangaroo head, so I worked on it till I got it fairly right." "The heads are made entirely on the front and back edges of the anvil from 25 x 6mm flat bar (~1/4 x 1" …Web

Historic Area – Newlin Grist Mill

The Grist Mill. In 1682 Nicholas Newlin acquired a 500-acre land grant from William Penn. His son Nathaniel built the grist mill on this land in 1704, first to produce flour for the community and then for export. It was owned by the Newlin family until 1817 when William Trimble purchased the mill. Later, it was owned by members of the Sharpless ...Web

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The 8 DIY Rolling Workbench Plans. 1. Simple Workbench with Storage. Image Credit: A Crafted Passion. Check Instructions Here. This simple workbench looks like one that you would purchase professionally. It includes plenty of storage, as one of its primary purposes is to help you stay organized.Web

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I ordered the Roller Mill plans produced by Hugh McDonald. There is alot more to the Roller Mill than meets the eye in the pics you see. I would say the plans are …Web

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Housing Lukens built for workers in 1830. From the Collections of The National Iron and Steel Heritage Museum, Coatesville, PA. Rebecca Lukens had a bold vision for her company. She learned the latest iron and steel technologies and used them to make new products like boilerplate. She also was one of the first industrial employers to build ...Web

Rolling and Slitting Mill

The Rolling and Slitting Mill was advanced technology for its time period. In fact, when the original Rolling and Slitting Mill was built, there were only around 12 buildings like this in the world, all of the rest in the Old World. In this building, merchant bars were further worked to create other semi-finished products that blacksmiths could ...Web

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Legally, no colonial forge with trip hammer, rolling mill to fashion wrought iron plate, or slitting mill to turn the plate into bars could be built after Parliament passed the Iron Act of 1750. But the law seems to …Web

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Home/ Metal Forming / Rolling Mills. Rolling Mills. Pepetools engineered a unique housing that maximizes durability and increases strength, all while decreasing overall mass. Pepetools is proud to be the only American manufacturer to produce, design, and build rolling mills in the USA. Learn to Create. How to pick the best rolling mill!Web

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Licensed Battlefield Guide Dave Weaver is crouching on the location of the water wheel and the mill race which was built in 1837. Over the years, the water wheels located here supplied power to the bellows of the furnace, the rolling mill, and the saw mill. This view was taken facing northeast at approximately 3:45 PM on Sunday, August 2, 2009.Web

Hydraulic Press for blacksmith and bladesmith 25 ton -150 ton

Engineering and machining the guides is important. The Anyang guide system is a scaled down version of their 1000+ Ton industrial presses. The 25T has 93 sq. inches of guide surface area. The 50T has 143 sq. inches of surface area. Large surface area, shimmable and replaceable wear strips make this press unique to the industry.Web

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Rolling Mill. The rolling mill and slitting mill, unlike the forge and blast furnace which were chemical and metallurgical engineered, these represented mechanical technology. It is believed that in the 1580s, the …Web


Steel - Forming, Casting, Alloying: The early metals shapers, the smiths, used hand tools to form iron into finished shapes. Essentially, these consisted of tongs for holding the metal on an anvil and a hammer for beating it. Converting an iron bloom into a wrought-iron bar required considerable hammering. Water-driven hammers were in use by the 15th …Web

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Anthony Griggs Posts: 524 Honorable Member Journeyman Bladesmith (5yr) You can get the plans on CD-Rom for a Small Rolling Mill by Hugh McDonald, this is …Web


Pinned Tools and Toolmaking. ROLLER MILL BUILD STARTING. with the encouragement of Dave Stephens i have started building several roller mills based on …Web

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home from Mass. I also have 2 Held ID Grinders. An No. 80 above and a regular flat belt drive ... Shops, Rolling Mills, Steam Forges, Ship Yards, Boiler Shops, Bridge Works, ect.; Detrick & Harvey Manufacturers of …Web

Steel Rolling Mill

The two rollers on the mill are 2- 7/16" diameter. I have eliminated all pulleys and belts and substituted a 60 to one gear reduction box with a 3-hp, 1140-rpm motor and a 21-tooth sprocket on the gearbox. …Web

14 Different Types of Smithing

Customers also rely on blacksmiths to provide serviceable equipment under many different types of conditions, so it's important to use high-quality metals in order to ensure customer satisfaction. 2. Arrowsmith. Types of Smithing. Arrowsmith is the making of arrows, bolts, and darts for bows. It is done by smiths.Web

How to Make a Huge Fabulous Mega Anvil

Step 2: Acquiring Materials/Skills. Now for this particular anvil, the hardest part to find will be the main plate for the top. On this design I need a plate of steel that is 1 inch thick, 8 inches wide, 18" long, Along with some assorted plate and pipe. For the shell, i'm going to use about 16 ft.² of 16 gauge sheet steel.Web

What is Metalworking? Beginners Guide To Working With Metal

Metalworking is the process of forming and shaping metals to create useful tools, objects, equipment parts, and structures. Metalworking projects generally fall under the categories of forming, cutting, and joining, and may involve techniques such as cutting, welding, casting, and molding. Materials used for metalworking include ferrous and non ...Web

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The conversion allows the standard 4-high rolling mill design to roll lighter gauges without the many deficiencies of a 4-high rolling mill. Our current equipment include: 26" x 72" 2-High Lewis w/Roll Bend. 3.5" x 16" x 20" American 4-High w/Terminal Equipment. 16" x 20" x 48" 4-High 2/3,000 HP DC Drives.Web

The McDonald Steel Rolling Mill : Anvilfire Plans Review

The building and using notes in the booklet have been expanded in the CD to sixteen pages with fifteen new color photographs showing all views and many details of both the prototype mill which Hugh uses regularly in his …Web


We will no longer be selling cut lengths of Kaowool or Maxwool. Call us if you need full cartons. Most of our content is setup but there are a couple items we are still working on. Thank you for your patience. Blacksmithing Books including Anvils in America and Mousehole Forge. Little Giant DVD Videos. Rolling Mill plans.Web

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Stacy E. Apelt - Bladesmith. The rollers will suck the heat out of the billet too fast for it to weld. The rolling mills that do welding are hydraulic controlled with lots of pressure and are power driven to run the steel through fast. They are about 30 times heavier than a sheet/wire rolling mill.Web

Building a rolling mill, step by step. WIP

Oct 27, 2009. #1. I finally got a metal working lathe in my shop so its time to build a rolling mill! This will be a 4 or 5 week project because my money gets split into surface grinder parts, damascus materials, the rolling mill, …Web

McDonald Rolling Mill Plans : DEMPSEYS FORGE

In U.S. Blacksmithing circles many of us discussed building small shop sized rolling mills but thought that even a small mill would take more horsepower than you could run in a home shop and that the big 3 phase …Web

Pictorial History Books of Chariton County – Chariton County …

merchandise store, shoe shop, blacksmith shop, mill, church hotel and school. A stagecoach ran. regularly from Keytesville to Bucklin. ... Township was first settled in 1845 by a man named Hamlin who built a water mill on the. ... There was also a refitting shop, the Whitham Bank, rolling mill, livery, a school and. a post office. The flood of ...Web