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Integrated Optimization of Process Planning and Scheduling for …

The integrated optimization of process planning and job-shop scheduling for multi-variety and small-batch aerospace complex components needs to select and combine processing methods and manufacturing resources at the same time, and it is a multi-objective non-linear combinatorial NP-hard optimization problem.Web

Applications of particle swarm optimisation in integrated process

The merit of integrated process planning and scheduling (IPPS) is to increase production feasibility and optimality by combining both the process planning and scheduling problems [4]. The most recent works related to the IPPS optimisation can be generally classified into two categories: the enumerative approach and the simultaneous …Web

Effective Methods for Integrated Process Planning and Scheduling …

Liang Gao. Is the first book on integrated process planning and scheduling (IPPS) Includes a comprehensive review of IPPS to help readers pursue further research on related works. Offers different effective solution methods for IPPS under various machining. Part of the book series: Engineering Applications of Computational Methods (EACM, …Web

Process optimization: what is it and what is its importance?

Process optimization is a set of actions that an organization promotes in order to increase the efficiency and performance of its processes and results. In this increase in performance, the following are observed: Reduction of failures and errors; Reduction of waste of time and money; Breakup of barriers and obstacles that an …Web

Chapter 1: Introduction to Process Integration

optimization approach (e.g., minimizing effluent-treatment flowrates in a wastewater-treatment system). How important is process-integration technology to chemical process design? According to one practicing engineer, "At the M.W. Kellogg Co., we firmly …Web

Optimization of Integrated Process by reducing Dual Gate and …

Abstract: The optimization of integrated process by reducing dual gate (DG) and cell …Web

Mathematical modeling and a hybrid evolutionary algorithm for process

Process planning is an essential part of the manufacturing system linking the designing and practical manufacturing. However, the reported process planning models are too simple to describe all characteristics because of the complexity of process planning. Therefore, a new mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) mathematical model is …Web

Simulation and Optimization of an Integrated Process Flow Sheet …

In this study the process flow diagram for the cement production was simulated using Aspen HYSYS 8.8 software to achieve high energy optimization and optimum cement flow rate by varying the flow rate of calcium oxide and silica in the clinker feed. Central composite Design (C.C.D) of Response Surface Methodology was used to …Web

Energy efficient cutting parameter optimization | Frontiers of

Proper selection of cutting parameters with energy consideration can effectively reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency of the machining process. Over the past 10 years, many researchers have been engaged in energy efficient cutting parameter optimization, and a large amount of literature have been published.Web

Process Optimization: Get More From Your Processes

DMAIC stands for define, measure, analyze, improve and control. It's a data-driven quality strategy that helps to improve processes. The five letters reflect the five phases that make up the process. DMAIC is part of a Six Sigma initiative but can be used as a standalone quality improvement tool.Web

Process Optimization

Process optimization means making any business process more efficient, logical, and inexpensive. Optimizing a process typically also means using technology to automate key repeatable aspects of that process and remove bottlenecks. Process automation can happen in a workflow that has two steps, 200 steps, or any number of …Web

Integrated production planning and preventive

In the proposed CCGA, the integrated optimization problem is decomposed into two sub-problems and each of them is evolved by a sub-population, and such a decomposition strategy allows to speed up the optimization process in a parallel fashion and enables all the sub-populations to cooperatively evolve to the global optimum.Web

Integrated Optimization Method of IPPS under TOU and Tiered

Integrated process planning and scheduling (IPPS) is an important part of the processing-assembly manufacturing system, which is one of the most difficult NP-Complete combinatorial optimization problems . The research on …Web

Rapid optimization of processes for the integrated purification of

Conventional high-throughput screening methods optimize each …Web

Process Integration: Definition, Examples, and How to …

Model Existing Processes. To get started with process and application integration, you must first identify and map the processes that you want to integrate. Start with business process mapping — the …Web

Integrated optimization of process planning and scheduling for …

Integrated Optimization of Process Planning: Chaudhry and Usman : 1. Makespan: 1. Process routes 2.Schedule plans: Select one process route for each workpiece from a predetermined process route set before scheduling: Qiao and Lv : 1. Makespan 2. Mean flow time: 1. Process routes 2. Machining methodsWeb

Process synthesis and design methods for process intensification

Introduction. Process Synthesis and design is an essential part of process development, which aims at the generation of feasible flowsheet variants and their optimization with respect to specific objectives. These objectives are mostly related to economics, but also consider environmental impact and safety.Web

Integration of process planning and scheduling— a review

In recent years, a few researchers have addressed the need for the integration of process planning and scheduling functions in order to achieve superior overall system performance. Many of these researchers have discovered that the potential savings are substantial when process planning and scheduling are integrated. It has been reported that typical …Web

Integrated Design and Optimization of Processes

Process systems engineering (PSE) is a scientific discipline integrating scales and components for description of a physicochemical system's behaviors (Pistikopoulos et al., 2021). It deals with ...Web

A Multi-MILP Model Collaborative Optimization Method for …

A Multi-MILP Model Collaborative Optimization Method for Integrated …Web

Design and optimization of an integrated process for the …

Meanwhile, an integrated process for MPG separation is proposed. The salient characteristic is that the non-catalytic hydrolysis of PO to MPG and DPG is considered. On the other hand, ... The parameter optimization and process simulation of the whole process are successfully carried out, and the PO product with the mass purity …Web

How to improve and optimize business processes, step by step

Steps to improve and optimize a business process. When planning a business process improvement and optimization initiative, determine the business goals, where improvements are needed and what needs to be optimized. A goal-centric vision sets the foundation for measuring and evaluating progress. 1. Identify a single process that …Web

Integrated Carbon Capture and Conversion To Produce Syngas: …

An integrated, modular, and multifunctional process is conceptually designed, simulated, and optimized for direct utilization of CO 2 from dilute flue gas to produce high-quality syngas, a precursor for many value-added chemicals and liquid transportation fuels. The process is intensified to simultaneously capture and convert …Web

An improved genetic algorithm with modified critical path-based

The study focuses on integrated optimization of process planning, shop scheduling, and shop logistics in the same manufacturing system, and proposes a new integrated encoding method and IGA based on critical path neighborhood searching. A special mutation operator is designed by introducing critical path-based searching firstly …Web

A multi-objective memetic algorithm for integrated process planning …

Process planning and scheduling are two crucial components in a manufacturing system. The integration of the two functions has an important significance on improving the performance of the manufacturing system. However, integrated process planning and scheduling is an intractable non-deterministic polynomial-time (NP)-hard …Web

A Multi-MILP Model Collaborative Optimization Method for Integrated

Considering process planning and shop scheduling simultaneously can facilitate the integration of product design and actual manufacturing to improve production efficiency and quality. The integrated process planning and scheduling problem is a hot spot currently in the production research field. However, highly integrated systems bring …Web

Sustainable Integrated Process Planning and Scheduling Optimization

This paper proposes a genetic algorithm (GA) to find the pseudo-optimum of integrated process planning and scheduling (IPPS) problems. IPPS is a combinatorial optimization problem of the NP-complete class that aims to solve both process planning and scheduling simultaneously. The complexity of IPPS is very high because it reflects …Web

A General Framework for Process Synthesis, Integration, and

Process synthesis, integration, and intensification are the three pillars of process design. Current synthesis and integration methods are able to find optimal design targets and process configurations when all the alternatives are known beforehand. Process intensification, on the other hand, combines multiple physicochemical …Web

Integrated process design, scheduling, and model …

In this study, we present a modeling methodology to integrate process design, scheduling, and advanced control decisions with a …Web

Development and optimization of an integrated process …

A novel integrated and optimization schemes for natural gas liquids recovery process and liquefaction are presented. The liquefaction of natural gas is done by the developed KSMR liquefaction cycle whereas the separation of natural gas liquids is achieved through energy efficient thermally coupled distillation schemes (Khan et al., 2014).Web