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Post-Tensioned Balcony Slab Evaluation and Repair

Anchor that is still under tension and has burst out of concrete during repair demolition Top edge of slab showing improper repair demolition (Note corroded reinforcing steel and cracks in concrete behind anchor) Improper slab edge repair that has failed (Note new mortar on top, old substrate below, and bursting bars sandwiched between)Web

Pipe Bursting Fact Sheet

Pipe bursting is a method by which the existing pipe is opened and forced outward by a bursting tool. A hydraulic or pneumatic expansion head (part of the bursting tool) is pulled through the existing pipeline, typically by using a cable and winch. As the expansion head is pulled through the existing pipe, it pushes that pipe radially out-Web

How to Break Up Concrete | Lowe's

3. Break Up the Concrete. Start breaking the concrete 6 inches from the edge and work your way in. For slabs less than 3 inches thick, use a sledgehammer. For more than 3 inches thick, use a demolition hammer. 4. Pry Up the Concrete. Use a long bar or wrecking bar to pry up the concrete as you go. Place a fulcrum under the bar for …Web

Methods to Properly Remove Concrete

There are several methods for breaking up larger concrete structures such as pavement, bridge decks, and foundations. Pressure Bursting. The pressure bursting …Web

Overview of Concrete Demolition Methods

The main methods used to demolish concrete are summarized below. Pressure Bursting. Pressure bursting is the best option in situations where a dust-free, controlled and relatively quiet concrete removal is required. Pressure bursting can be mechanical or chemical: in both cases, holes are drilled into the concrete and lateral forces are applied.Web

Busted Pipes: Why They Happen and How to Prevent Them

The most common reason pipes burst is due to the weather. When outside temperatures drop, the water in the pipes may freeze and expand, which places a lot of pressure on the pipes from the inside, causing them to rupture. Insulate pipes that are most susceptible to freezing. You can do it yourself - pipe insulation is sold at most hardware ...Web

Demolition of Concrete Structures

The cutting process may be by sawing, water jetting or thermic lance. PNEUMATIC AND HYDRAULIC BREAKERS A common piece of equipment used for …Web

How To Break Up Concrete With Chemicals | Upgradedhome

Drill to approximately 80 percent of the concrete's depth. The drilling should create a grid of holes on your surface. You may need to drill a few extra holes to give the demolition grout a place to expand to. Mix your solution. You will need to mix one and a half liters of cold water with an 11-pound bag of Dexpan.Web

Demolition Techniques for Concrete Structures | SpringerLink

It is concluded that more research into the use of explosives and bursting techniques for partial demolition of both reinforced and prestressed concrete members could lead to …Web

Major Problems in Concrete Pumping Works: How to Avoid …

The major problems that one encounters when pumping concrete are blockage of pipeline, and segregation and bleeding of concrete mix. Blockage is the failure of concrete to emerge at the end of the pipeline. It is characterized by an increase in pressure that can be observed on the pressure gauge. Blockage can be caused by improper selection of ...Web

Does homeowners insurance cover broken pipes under slab?

Key takeaways. Homeowners insurance provides coverage for the structure of your home, including its slab and other parts of the foundation.. If your slab cracks due to a covered hazard, like a pipe burst, homeowners insurance will likely cover the cost of tearing out and pouring new slab, but pipe repairs will likely not be covered.. Slab and plumbing …Web

Guidelines for Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is typically carried out in 300 to 400 feet lengths, which corresponds to a typical distance between sewer manholes. However, much longer runs have been replaced. Pipes suitable for pipe bursting are typically made of brittle materials, such as vitrified clay, cast iron, plain concrete, asbestos, or some plastics.Web

Investigation and Improvement of Bursting Force …

In posttensioned concrete members, the high local stress under the anchorage causes transverse tensile stress. Therefore, it is very important to predict the bursting force to determine appropriate …Web

Effectiveness of Different Types on Anti-Burst Reinforcements for

Eight 150 mm thick 400mm x 1000mm post-tensioned concrete slabs with varying types of anti-burst reinforcements and two different concrete strengths were designed and tested to failure.Web

Strut-and-Tie Method Guide

8.6—fib Model Code for Concrete Structures 2010 (fib 2013), p. 75 CHAPTER 9—REFERENCES, p. 75 9.1—Referenced standards and reports, p. 76 9.2—Authored …Web

How to Break Up Concrete | Lowe's

How to Break Up Concrete 1. Cover the Concrete Slab. Cover the slab with 4 mil plastic sheeting to keep debris away from windows. 2. Dig Under the …Web

10 Demolition Attachments for Crushing, Breaking, Pulverizing

The series includes six models – BR310, BR360, BR460, BR510, BR560 and BR860. They can perform such tasks as removing curbs, foundations and concrete walls. They are designed for reduced noise ...Web

Can Pipe Under Concrete Be Repaired? | Rooter Hero Plumbing

This can be difficult for property owners to deal with, especially if the pipe in question is located below several inches of concrete. However, the professionals at Rooter Hero Plumbing have helped countless home and business owners overcome their hidden leaks with our reliable broken pipe repair and replacement services.Web

(PDF) Post-Tensioned anchorage zone: A Review

concrete is weaker than the untensioned concrete, there is a very high risk of bursting in this region. Hence, Hence, understanding the behavior of the anchorage zone and the amount of force ...Web

Understanding the Splitting and Bursting Failure of Concrete …

concrete release strength and the water-to-cement (w/c) ratio of the concrete mix. Because 0.32 is the typical w/c ratio used in U.S. concrete railroad tie plants, FE bond models were calibrated and/or validated only for ties made with a w/c ratio of 0.32. The combination of 6,000 psi release strength and the 0.32 w/c ratioWeb

Hand arm vibration

The solution The main contractor hired a small specialist company to break up the retainer using hydraulic bursting. This involves forcing the concrete apart with a special …Web

Repairs and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures: Case Studies

On completion of the work, the footing was suitably cured. The cubes cast were crushed at 3 days and checked for the strength. The compressive strength was correlated using the formula Ft = (T/(a + bt))x F28 where T = number of days, a = 4.8, b = 0.833 both empirical constants and F28 = strength of the concrete grade at 28 …Web

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Robore Cuts are one of the only Concrete Demolition companies with a fully equipped mobile workforce across the UK. Find out about concrete bursting now.Web

Concrete Demolition Methods & Equipment

There are certain conditions under which using a patching compound and resurfacing productwill result in merely a short-term fix. Under these conditions, patching the …

What is Concrete Bursting?

Concrete bursting, also known as hydraulic bursting, is a controlled method of demolition to separate large concrete structures into more manageable …Web

Optimized Post-Tensioning Anchorage in Prestressed …

This pdf document presents a study on the optimization of post-tensioning anchorage in prestressed concrete I-beams, based on experimental and analytical investigations. The authors propose a new anchorage configuration that reduces the stress concentration and improves the fatigue performance of the beams. The document also includes design …Web

Demolition of Concrete Structures

Selective or complete demolition of concrete structures is possible by cutting elements and then removing them with a crane. The cutting process may be by sawing, water jetting or thermic lance. ... PRESSURE BURSTING. This method of demolition can be classified into two categories, mechanical and chemical bursting. …Web

Slab Leaks: What Causes Them and How to Repair Them

2. Break Through the Slab. The shortest distance to the source of the problem may be straight down through the concrete slab, but that also may be the most disruptive and most expensive. Because of this, we cut through the slab when other options are not available or are less attractive for some reason.Web

Bursting of concrete after stressing

The concrete bursting locations are at the pour strip located at the one-third of the fourth span.The tendon spacing is around 1.2 m. Anchorage size is 90 x 300. 5 T 13 rectangular(300 x 120) closed links with 70 mm c/c were provided just behind the anchorages. Thanks for your advice. Now we are using 5 strands tendon per anchorage …Web

Barlow's Formula

Working pressure is a term used to describe the maximum allowable pressure a pipe may be subjected to while in-service. Barlow's formula can be used to calculate the maximum allowable pressure by using design factors as. Pa = 2 Sy Fd Fe Ft t / do (3) where. Pa = maximum allowable design pressure (psig) Sy = yield strength (psi) Fd = design factor.Web