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Effect of mining rate on the working face with high-intensity mining

The mining rate of the working face is one of the important factors of high-intensity mining. In order to study the effect of mining rate on the working face in high …Web

Impact effect of dynamic load induced by roof in high-intensity mining

Abstract. Support crushing disaster caused by dynamic load of main roof is a challenge in high-intensity mining face, theoretical analysis, laboratory test and in-situ monitoring were carried out ...Web

Current status and progress on overburden and surface damage …

With the improvement of mining technology and equipment, the intensive production and intelligence of coal mine is getting higher and higher, and the working …Web

Response Characteristics and Water Inflow Prediction of …

With the gradual improvement in coal mining efficiency, the disturbance of groundwater systems caused by high-intensity mining also increases, leading to challenges in maintaining mine safety and protecting water resources in mining areas. How to accurately describe the dynamic changes in the groundwater system under mining …Web

Current status and progress on overburden and surface damage …

The western mining area in China has good coal deposit conditions, high mining intensity and serious damage to overlying strata, which can induce goaf collapse, ground fissures and ecological ...Web

Climate risk and decarbonization: What every mining CEO needs …

The mining industry has only just begun to set emission-reduction goals. Current targets published by mining companies range from 0 to 30 percent by 2030, far below the Paris Agreement goals. 2 Limiting climate change will require a significant reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions between 2010 and 2050: a 41 to 72 percent …Web

Characteristics of ground fissure development in high intensity mining

The paper analyzed the damage situation caused by coal mining at Yushenfu coal mining area by field survey and remote sensing interpretation. The study results show: 1 802( group) fissures and 95 ground subsidence have been caused by coal mining since 1993 within a total area 94. 47 km2; The distribution of ground fissures on the surface has …Web

GRACE satellite monitoring and driving factors analysis of

Coal mining in northwestern China is an important industry. For the traditional monitoring of water resources in coal-rich regions, a single monitoring wel ... GRACE satellite monitoring and driving factors analysis of groundwater storage under high-intensity coal mining conditions: a case study of Ordos, northern Shaanxi and Shanxi, China.Web

Water | Free Full-Text | Effect of Shallow-Buried High-Intensity Mining

Shallow-buried high-intensity mining (SHM) activities commonly in China's western mining area will lead to the decrease of groundwater level and soil water content (SWC), which will aggravate the further deterioration of the local fragile ecological environment. In this study, the applicability and limitations of six typical soil dielectric …Web

Study on the Variation in Coastal Groundwater Levels under High …

The excessive exploitation of groundwater is becoming a serious global issue. Different from other regions, groundwater extraction in coastal areas usually stops and moves inland after causing seawater intrusion. The abundant salt fields in the Laizhou Bay area of China provide a unique case of maintaining high-intensity underground …Web

Study on the Overburden Failure Law of High-Intensity Mining in …

High-intensity mining is characterized by shallow seam, large mining thickness, and high advancing speed. Under high-intensity mining, the overburden …Web

A New Method of Predicting the Height of the Fractured …

A high-intensity mining panel (the 8100 longwall face at the Tongxin Coal Mine, Datong Coal Mining Group) was taken as an example. The proposed theoretical method, a numerical simulation method and an engineering analogy method were used to predict the height of the FWCZ. Comparison with in situ measurements at the Tongxin mine showedWeb

Severe Damage Law on the Ground Surface Induced by High-Strength Mining

High-strength mining has the characteristics of shallow buried depth, large mining height, and fast mining speed. Under the condition of high-strength mining, the overburden moves violently and the surface damage is serious. It has caused serious ecological security problems in the mining area. In order to solve this problem, it is …Web

Space-sky-surface integrated monitoring system for

Considering the characteristics of high-intensity mining in western China, such as fast advancing speed and large mining space, there is an urgent need to …Web

Response Characteristics and Water Inflow Prediction of Complex

High-Intensity Coal Seam Mining Conditions Zhaolai Hua 1,2, Yao Zhang 1, *, Shihao Meng 1, Lu Wang 1,2, Xuejun Wang 3, Yang Lv 1,2, Jinming Li 2, Shaofeng Ren 2, Han Bao 1, Zhihao Zhang 1 ...Web

Overburden Damage Degree-Based Optimization of …

Guo et al. [ 3] defined high-intensity mining as a high-yield and high-efficiency coal mining method in thick coal seams (more than 3.5 m) with large panel width (more than 200 m), fast advancing speed …Web

Real-time microseismic monitoring and its

Xiaojihan coal mine is a typical high-intensity mining in Western China. The real-time monitoring of deformation and failure for the working face was carried out by using IMS microseismic monitoring system. The change process of microseismic parameters such as microseismic event rate, energy release, apparent volume, energy index, Schmidt …Web

Effects of mining speed on the developmental features of mining-induced

Therefore, the cycle is mainly affected by mining intensity, and the most influential factors include the mining speed, size of the working face, ratio of mining depth to mining height (Fan et al. 2015). For the western area of high-intensity mining in China, coal seams are buried shallow with very large mining heights.Web

Coal mining method with near-zero impact on the ecological

For the high-intensity mining area, the response of the ground surface to mining is one of the negative externalities of high-intensity mining, mainly manifested …Web

Subsidence prediction of overburden strata and ground surface in

In order to observe the surface movement in thick loose layer high-intensity mining, Zhao et al. 18 analysed the failure characteristics of overburden strata and …Web

High-intensity longwall mining-induced ground subsidence in …

High-frequency field observations allow the dynamic characteristics of the ground subsidence caused by high-intensity longwall mining to be captured and revealed. Results show that, for a longwall panel with a width to depth ratio of 1.35–1.6, the subsidence ratio is generally between 51.1–54.3%, and the maximum subsidence speed …Web

Fractal Fract | Free Full-Text | Fractal Characteristics of

The movement of the overlying strata and the damage to and deformation of the strata are discontinuous deformation problems in the longwall high-intensity mining of shallow coal seams. Based on continuous medium finite element numerical simulation analysis, the dynamic development of fractures cannot be accurately described [25,26].Web

Simulated Prediction of Roof Water Breakout for High …

high-intensity mining under the reservoir dam in the ecologically fragile areas of western China and a scientific guarantee for the formulation of safety measures under such conditions. Keywords: coal mining under reservoirs; high-intensity mining; green mining; physical simulation; water conducting fracture zone 1. IntroductionWeb

Difference in Surface Damage between Deep and Shallow Mining …

The mining of underground coal resources often results in extensive damage to the ground surface, particularly in China, which has a large amount of coal resources. ... Y. Negative externalities of high-intensity mining and disaster prevention technology in China. Bull. Eng. Geol. Environ. 2019, 78, 5219–5235. [Google Scholar]Web

High-intensity longwall mining-induced ground subsidence in …

All the longwall faces have a high mining height (4.5-7 m) and extraction speed (9.0–13.3 m/day), but with shallow mining depth (180-210 m). High-frequency field observations allow the dynamic characteristics of the ground subsidence caused by high …Web

Frontiers | Study on Evaluation and Prediction of the Degree of …

Surface damage caused by coal mining is one of the problems perplexing ecological environment restorations in coal mining areas. Accurately evaluating and predicting the degree of surface damage induced by coal mining with reasonable and correct indexes are of great significance to the restoration and treatment of the ecological …Web

Evaluation of eco-environmental quality for the coal-mining region

The high-intensity mining area (previously mined area of Ili No.4 Coal Mine) has the worst ecological environment quality, followed by the coal reserve area of Ili No.4 Coal Mine and the planned ...Web

Height of fractured zone inside overlying strata under high-intensity

A theoretical method to predict the HFZ at the high-intensity longwall mining panel was put forward based on the processes of OFT. Taking a high-intensity longwall mining panel (No. 11915 panel) as an example, the theoretical method proposed, the engineering analogy and the empirical formulas in the Regulation were used to predict …Web

Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Coal Mining Surface Damage

With the continuous improvement of mining technology and equipment in China's coal mines, the number of working faces with high-intensity mining is increasing, and the area of surface damage continues to increase compared with previous years. In order to ensure safe production and protect the overall environment of the mining area, …Web

Main geological and mining factors affecting ground cracks

By setting up observation stations on the surface of the working face, researchers studied surface subsidence associated with the high-intensity mining of the buried coal seam (Junjie et al. 2016). Ground investigation and statistical analysis were applied to evaluate the degree of ground damage caused by mining in a village in …Web