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Chipping and Crushing Mechanisms in Orthogonal Rock Cutting

The understanding of rock removal mechanisms, as one of the essential elements for advancing the cutting performance of polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters, is still incomplete.Web

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Laboratory testing of rocks subjected to differential compression have revealed many different mechanisms for extensile crack growth, including pore crushing, sliding along pre-existing cracks, elastic mismatch between grains, dislocation movement, and hertzian contact. Micromechanical models based on fracture mechanics have been developed for ...Web

Numerical simulation of rock-breaking mechanisms by triple …

However, for the triple-ridged PDC cutter, the contact forces are mainly around the convex ridge and the cutter bottom, which shows evidences of the crushing-shearing-coupling rock-breaking mechanisms of such a non-planar cutter, as found in Liu et al.'s publication (Liu et al., 2019a). Moreover, when observing the morphological ...Web

Analysis on the Shape and Impact Pressure of the High

(2) The rock crushing mechanism of ordinary continuous HPWJ is to cause tensile failure as a result of pressure relief and jet impact. (3) The process of rock crushing proceeds stepwise. Song and Chen [ 41 ] simulated the process of HPWJ-induced rock crushing based on the SPH algorithm and analyzed the energy conversion in this …Web

Theoretical analysis and experimental research on the energy

The dynamic fragmentation of rock is essentially a process of energy consumption, and energy dissipation analysis is essential to elucidate the mechanism of rock dynamic crushing. Furthermore, energy consumption is not only one of the important indicators to evaluate rock breaking efficiency but also forms a useful metric when …Web

A Study on the Mechanisms of Tension-Shear Failure …

One huge challenge TBM construction face is to improve the breaking ability of cutters for hard rocks, making the studies on new rock breaking approaches for cutters very important. Although a lot of previous tests …Web

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Therefore, it is recommended that a suitable rock-crushing mechanism should be conducted using a suitable combination of different rock crushers . Figure 7 shows the geometrical characteristics of the basalt aggregates after jaw and cone crushing. The graph was presented based on a three-parameter system, determining the …Web

Effect of particle morphology on mechanical behavior of rock …

The effects on geotechnical properties of rock mass from the constituent particle morphology have been acknowledged since long. Particle morphology is among the most important parameters affecting the mechanical characteristics of rock, such as shear strength, cohesion, friction angle, porosity, groundwater seepage, and angle of …Web

Chipping and crushing mechanisms in orthogonal rock cutting

In the proposed approach, a rock crushing zone is introduced at the rock-cutter interface beneath the cutter's rake face, namely the Tip Crushing Zone (TCZ), which, as a destruction kernel, is responsible for both the crushing and chipping phenomena occurring in the cutting process. The physical aspects of these two disparate chip formation ...Web

Research on the Development Mechanism of Three Kinds of Cracks in Rock

In order to study the mechanism of crack propagation in rock cutting, experiments and discrete element numerical simulation of rock cutting at different depths were adopted in this paper. The rock fragmentation can be divided into mini-size fragmentation and normal-size fragmentation from a size viewpoint. The discrete element …Web

A Comprehensive Review of Mechanisms, Predictive …

Brittle failure, also known as rockburst, is a violent phenomenon that occurs during the excavation of hard rock in areas with high geostress, particularly at great depths. The induced hazards have been a global concern since the first half of the 20th century, leading to extensive efforts to understand the mechanisms and develop effective …Web

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16.2 Factors Controlling Mechanisms of Deformation In natural rocks, any mechanism of deformation will operate only when certain necessary factor(s) are met with. These factors may not be so for other mechanisms and may be highly variable in nature and operate on different scales. Some common factors that control the mechanisms of rockWeb

Rock fragmentation mechanisms and an experimental study of …

Resonance drilling is a new technology, still at the laboratory stage. It has great potential to improve rock fragmentation efficiency. We analyzed the amplitude-frequency characteristics of steady-state mechanical vibration excited by harmonic vibration in rocks and an apparatus was built to achieve high frequency vibration of rock. The …Web

Numerical simulation study on rock-breaking process and mechanism …

Compound impact drilling technology is a new method to achieve efficient crushing of hard rock by exerting axial and torsional impacts on the drilling bit. In this study, to investigate the dynamic rock-breaking process and mechanism under compound impact, a numerical model was developed based on cohesive elements.Web

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Volcaniclastic rock reservoirs are widely distributed across the world and strongly influenced by the crushing of pyroclastic particles. In this study, we analyzed the characteristics and controlling factors of the crushing of pyroclastic particles during compaction diagenesis from a microscopic perspective through experimental mechanical ...Web

Study on Mechanism of Static Blasting-Induced Hard Rock …

How to deal with hard rock cheaply and safely is a pressing issue in today's coal mining. Weakening fractures of hard rock have always been a significant concern in China's coal mine engineering. In this study, mechanical derivation, laboratory experiments, and numerical simulation research methodologies are used to evaluate the fracturing …Web

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Based on the mechanism used crushers are basically of three types; namely, Cone crusher, Jaw crusher, and Impact Crusher. ... Rocks go through a series of crushing stages to produce the final ...Web

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Li et al. analyzed the crushing mechanism of a rock medium under the condition of simple harmonic vibration and resonance shock. Finite element software …Web

The Rock-Breaking Mechanism of Thermal Spalling-Assisted Rock …

The challenges pertaining to low rock-breaking efficiency and high drilling cost in deep hard formation and hot dry rock (HDR) are highly pronounced. A novel drilling technology, the combined thermomechanical drilling technology, has demonstrated its potential to enhance the rate of penetration. However, the rock-breaking mechanism for …Web

New testing methodology for the quantification of rock crushability

Crushing is a size reduction process that plays a key role in both mineral processing and crushing–screening plant design. Investigations on rock crushability have become an important issue in mining operations and the manufacture of industrial crusher equipment. The main objective of this research is to quantify the crushability of hard …Web

Grain-scale analysis of proppant crushing and embedment using

The mechanisms of proppant crushing and embedment in formation rocks have been subjected to comprehensive analysis with the aid of a numerically-simulated DEM approach. The influence of proppant type, type of formation rock, and reservoir/fracture fluid saturation condition on crushing, embedment, and proppant rock …Web

The rock breaking and ROP increase mechanisms for single-tooth

For the above four modes of action, according to the scale of the repeated crushing rate and the total crushing efficiency of the rock after cutting, the crushing …Web

Chipping and crushing mechanisms in orthogonal rock cutting

The rock removal mechanism in the rock cutting process includes crushing and chipping failure modes. Crushed and powdery chips are attributed to the crushing mode while chunk-like chips are formed due to the chipping mode. Chipping of rock has …Web

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The high energy consumption in crushing rock is due to the high resistance of the rock to compressive loads and also to sharp increase in crushing forces when processing massive samples . ... The motion of the material falling into the crushing chamber is described by three mechanisms: free fall, slip, and compression . We know …Web

The rock damage mechanism of combined rock breaking with …

The combined rock breaking method with the saw blade and conical pick is proposed to improve the rock breaking efficiency. The numerical simulation of combined rock breaking with the saw blade and ...Web

Numerical simulation of rock-breaking mechanisms by triple …

Chengtao Hu b Add to Mendeley https://doi/10.1016/j.geoen.2023.212148 Get rights and content • Triple-ridged PDC cutter combines shearing and crushing …Web

Theoretical analysis and experimental research on the energy

The energy consumption model of rock crushing is developed based on fractal and fracture mechanics theory. • A quantitative relationship between the energy …Web

The rock breaking and ROP increase mechanisms for single-tooth

Torsional impact drilling is a new technology which has the advantages of high rock-breaking efficiency and a high rate of penetration (ROP). So far, there is no in-depth understanding of the rock-breaking mechanism for the ROP increase from torsional impact tools. Therefore, it has practical engineering significance to study the rock …Web

Evaluation of size reduction process for rock aggregates in cone

Abstract. The size reduction process of rocks in cone crushers is one of the most important issues, particularly for the secondary and tertiary stages of crushing …Web

Could Crushing Minerals Stop Global Warming?

Ancient Climate Secrets – Could Crushing Minerals Stop Global Warming? Past global warming events offer insights into natural mechanisms that regulated Earth's climate, such as rock weathering, which reduced atmospheric carbon dioxide. Today, enhancing rock weathering could help mitigate climate change, but its effectiveness …Web