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Two-Step Multi-Objective Reliability-Based Design Optimization of

The multi-objective reliability-based design optimization (MORBDO) of an aircraft structure employing a non-probabilistic model, at present, still has a high level of analysis complexity while solving the possibility safety index (PSI) as they are a triple-loop nested problem. Many techniques have been proposed to expedite the process of …Web

An integrated design approach for simultaneous shape and …

In this work, a novel design approach is developed to carry out shape and topology optimization of shell structures simultaneously. This approach effectively integrates the IsoGeometric Analysis (IGA) method, the Adaptive Bubble Method (ABM) and the Finite Cell Method (FCM) to make full use of their respective advantages in shell …Web

Reliability-Based Robust Design Optimization of Structures

The aim of mechanical structure optimization is to find a high-performance system, which generally has two criteria, robustness and reliability. Nondeterministic methods thus can be classified into two approaches, namely, reliability-based design optimization (RBDO) and robust design optimization (RDO) . RBDO concentrates on …Web

Design optimization of multimorphology surface-based lattice …

Design optimization of uniform lattice structures and gradient lattice structures has been widely studied. The optimization of multimorphology surface …Web

Topology optimization of shell structures in architectural design

This paper presents four design strategies for optimizing free-form shells targeting architectural applications. First, we propose a topology-optimized ribbed shell …Web

High-resolution topology optimization method of multi

The application of lattice structures provides significant benefits for lightweight structural design. To further strengthen structural stiffness, multi-morphology lattice structures are integrated into topology optimization. Considering the high costs associated with microstructural mechanical calculations and modeling, a novel three …Web

Deterministic-based robust design optimization of composite structures

We propose a new deterministic robust design optimization method for composite laminate structures under worst-case material uncertainty. The method is based on a simultaneous parametrization of topology and material and combines a design problem and a material uncertainty problem into a single min–max optimization problem which …Web

About structural optimization

Design cycle. Optimization is an iterative design process that updates the design variables, ... You can use topology optimization on a structure that uses a composite material; however, the individual laminates of a composite material cannot be modified using topology optimization. For example, you cannot change the orientation of the fibers. ...Web

Sizing, layout and topology design optimization of truss structures

The paper is structured as follows. The formulation of the design optimization problem for truss structures is recalled in Section 2. The JAYA algorithm is described in Section 3 along with its implementation for truss structure problems. Section 4 describes the test problems and discusses optimization results.Web

Generative AI design for building structures

In the realm of design and analysis, several notable review studies have been conducted. Aldwaik and Adeli [59] conducted a review focusing on the optimization of high-rise building structures, utilizing nature-based optimization approaches like the neural dynamics model and genetic algorithms.Chi et al. [37] and Omrany et al. [34] explored the integration of …Web

Design and Optimization of Lattice Structures: A Review

The optimization method of non-uniform lattice structure usually includes two main steps: (1) defining an infrastructure in the design domain in advance; (2) optimizing single or multiple parameters of each unit cell according to the results of topology optimization, then the non-uniform lattice structure can be obtained.Web

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Zegard and Paulino used the ground structure method for topology optimization, and the source code, which is known as GRAND3 (ground structure analysis and design in 3D) was implemented in MATLAB. In terms of structural analysis and design, some software packages such as SAP2000 and ETABS are often used because of their …Web

Efficient strategies for reliability-based design optimization of

structures has not been readily adopted in the design of ad-vanced composite structures. To overcome the high computa-tional cost of the optimization process, a new gradient-based optimization has been proposed to convert discrete design variables into continuous design variables by Stegmann and Lund (2005). The design method is known as the ...Web

Structural Design Optimization Techniques & Tools

Shape Optimization. The second category in structural design optimization techniques is shape optimization. This method of optimization determines the optimal shape of the structure with the …Web

An Introduction to Structural Optimization | SpringerLink

This book has grown out of lectures and courses given at Linköping University, Sweden, over a period of 15 years. It gives an introductory treatment of problems and methods of structural optimization. The three basic classes of geometrical - timization problems of mechanical structures, i. e., size, shape and topology op- mization, are treated.Web

Optimization of Truss Structures | SpringerLink

A structural shape optimization problem of a 10-member plane truss: (left) an initial design; (right) an optimized design by manipulating the truss structure's nodal coordinates and requiring the set of nodal points existing in the discretized design domain to be constant. Note that the dimensions are not to scale.Web

(PDF) Introduction to Architectural Design …

structural design with 10.000 – 100. 000 function evaluations (H asançebi et al. 2009), simulated annealing and evolution strate gies ( Beyer and Schwefel 2002) were the two best al gorithms ...Web

Design optimization and uncertainty analysis of SMA morphing …

In the first study, design optimization was performed through automated iterative analyses. Positioning of three SMA flexures and stiffening tape thickness were …Web

Structural Design Optimization—Tools and Methodologies

The future challenge in ship structure optimization will not concern the optimization algorithm itself, but the development of some specific modules and their integration into design software platforms (Rigo et al. 2017), such as development of fast and reliable modules to assess structural constraints like fatigue and loads, at the early ...Web

Design optimization of multimorphology surface-based lattice structures

Graded structure design based on triply periodic minimal surface (TPMS) structures can effectively improve the stiffness of lightweight structures. To further improve the structural stiffness of these lattice structures, a novel optimization method combing performance characteristics of various morphology lattice structures is proposed. First, …Web

Optimal design of FPSO topside module for in-place, lift and

The analysis and design optimization are carried out in the STAAD Pro and analytical tool by selecting the least weight as an objective function while adhering to the API design constraints on displacement and stress limits. Module primary structure design can be iteratively "optimized" using the algorithm and stress ratio as described above.Web

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Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization Publishing model Hybrid Submit your manuscript Editorial board Aims and scope Overview Structural and Multidisciplinary …Web

Topology optimization of shell structures in architectural design

Topology optimization is an effective structure design technique, performed by removing inefficient materials or relocating them to the most critical locations. It can generate highly efficient and structurally sound designs that are difficult or impossible to achieve through traditional design methods, leading to its rising popularity in ...Web

Design Optimization of 3D Steel Frameworks Under

Steel multistorey 3D frames are commonly used in business and residential buildings, industrial sheds, warehouses, etc. The design optimization of tall steel buildings is usually governed by horizontal loadings, such as, wind load, as well as its dynamic behavior, for which the structure must have the stiffness and stability in accordance with …Web

Introduction to Design Optimization

This review paper expands each of the most important points in detailed design optimization of RC structures, namely (1) scope of design optimization, (2) …Web

Introductory Chapter: An Introduction to the Optimization

Figure 1 shows the overall structure of an optimization approach to design. Major objectives in mechanical and structural engineering involve minimum fabrication cost, maximum product reliability, maximum stiffness/weight ratio, minimum aerodynamic drag, maximum natural frequencies, maximum critical shaft speeds, etc. Design variables …Web

Research on Deformation Characteristics and Design Optimization …

The structures in the middle section of the lake were constructed using a cofferdam as a temporary water-retaining structure, within which dry-cut construction was carried out. ... Zhongjing Hu, Hao Lv, and Weizhen Liu. 2023. "Research on Deformation Characteristics and Design Optimization of Super-Large Cofferdam Enclosure …Web

Design optimization and uncertainty analysis of SMA morphing structures

Another work by Gurav and co-workers [] describes a computationally efficient optimization technique that utilizes bounded-but-unknown uncertainty analysis [] to design the shape of an SMA microgripper. Advancements have also been made in the design of morphing biomedical devices using iterative optimization techniques.Web

A state-of-the-art review on types, design, optimization, and …

The design and optimization methods and various software that have cellular structure design and optimization features are explained in Section 4. The AM of cellular structures and available materials that can be used to fabricate these structures are described in Section 5 .Web

Design Optimization

Topology optimization is widely used in the concept development stage with the goal of generating an optimal material distribution within a given packaging or design space that will meet the stiffness, resonant frequency or other design requirements for …Web